Design review, assurance, and management for projects and grid connection

Provided design management consultancy service including design reviews and assurance for multiple number of projects and grid connections including:

HV Overhead lines and cable diversion for new housing development in Farnham, Surrey.

45MVA generation connection into 132/33kV substation in Andover with over 10km cable installation.

20 MVA generation connection in High Wycombe to the DNO 33kV system with overhead line reinforcement.

5 MVA photovoltaic (solar PV) farm near Wootton Common PV to DNO 132/33kV substation with associated inter tripping for protection.

15 MVA PV farm near Pingewood, Reading to the DNO 33kV overhead line.

8 MVA PV farm in Lower Arncott, Oxfordshire connection to new 33kV metering circuit breaker in DNO’s 33/11kV substation with modification within DNO substation DNO substations’ reinforcement and new substation development