Application for 11kV temporary supply

After assisting MWM in applying for connection of its proposed 25 MW Energy from Waste Facility to the local DNO network. A temporary 11 kV 1.5 MW supply to the site was also required in order to provide power during the plant construction phase. There was not adequate capacity in the network area to include the temporary supply request. Ennoidgy provided services to investigate and discuss with the DNO alternative connection options in order to meet the required capacity.

Ennoidgy carried out the following work:

  • Determination of MWM’s requirements for the temporary construction supply.
  • Preparation and submission of a formal connection application to the DNO.
  • Receipt and review of the firm offer from the DNO.
  • Clarification, negotiation and finalisation of firm offer with the DNO.
  • Recommendation to MWM to proceed with the final offer from the DNO