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Grid connection service and feasibility assessment:

For your major projects, Ennoidgy limited offers you the service of interfacing with the utility companies and managing the grid connection process to an offer. This can also include the assessment and feasibility of your connection on different points of the grid.

Grid connection compliance:

For your developments connecting to the grid, the utility company will need to ensure that the national grid will remain stable and secure, and that the quality of its power supply is within acceptable use for continued public consumption. Ennoidgy limited will deliver the assessment and report for your G5/4 harmonic distortion assessment, P28 for voltage fluctuation/flicker assessment, and all compliance requirements for your electrical connection to the grid.

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HVDC system studies/feasibility assessment:

Clients will benefit from detailed and qualitative assessment of their proposed HVDC system integration to the electrical grid system. HVDC on the national grid system is a growing in interest and demand. For renewable energy systems, particularly wind farms, HVDC offers a more stable and convenient connection to the grid. Ennoidgy limited with its knowledge of HVDC operation and years of experience on electrical utility systems will deliver you the feasibility assessment for your HVDC – HVAC interface systems. Your system will be assessed using the DIgSILENT software. Other software systems can also be considered.

HV system study and design:

For processing systems including oil and gas power plants and new developments including housing, data centres, and commercial developments; a new or optimized HV power system will be required to supply your new or expanding operations. Ennoidgy has implemented studies and provided designs that have advised clients on the optimal investment expenditure to achieve their aims. The system study softwares used include DIgSILENT, IPSA, ERACS, and CDEGS to name a few for voltages from 1kV to 220kV including 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, and 132kV.

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Power quality assessment (G5/4 and P28):

To maintain continual operation of your electrical system and longevity of the plant items, the power quality of your system should be within recommended levels. This will require measurements and analysis of the quality of your power supply. For solar powered generation and data centres, power quality compliance to connecting to the grid will be critical. Ennoidgy limited provides the service and further advise on how your system’s power quality can be improved.

Innovation integration assessment:

The electrical grid system is changing and is set to change with new technologies being integrated into its system. Ennoidgy limited offers advise on your new technologies and the integration of their applications into the system.

Renewable energy, energy from waste, and data centres:

It is imperative that your system is capable of sustaining the power flows, faults, and transients that it may experience. Ennoidgy limited delivers extensive system studies, design, and assessment of your system and connection to the grid.

Project and design planning and management:

Ennoidgy limited has managed multiple projects and programmes to success. These have been from small-scale rapid turnaround projects to large capital complex multi-project programme. Delivering project management and capital infrastructure environments are challenging. Ennoidgy limited will provide services to navigate through the challenges and deliver your project to success.