With 12 years of experience in the industry Ennoidgy uniquely provides innovative solutions to electrical power systems and engineering

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Generator of a Wind Turbine

Ennoidgy Limited is an experienced consultancy that provides leading innovation, advice and expertise in the electrical power and technology sectors including renewable energy, transmission and distribution, transport electrification, energy from waste, and new grid technologies. Ennoidgy’s clients include companies in the electrical utilities, oil and gas, renewable energy, commercial and industrial developments, and data centres to name a few.

Founded with a mission to provide consultancy services, innovative design, and ideas to solve the complexities and challenges faced by the rapid transformation and mode of operation of the utilities in particular the electrical power grid. The drive for less carbon emissions has seen the advent of electric vehicles, electric trains, and importantly the connection of renewable energy and related systems. These have changed the way in which the electrical grid operates, no more one-way direction from major generation sources to clients, but now increased demand for electrification, two-way power flow direction consequently from the added multiple local and embedded generations, and concepts for a more autonomous grid to account for the increased operation and direction of flow.